Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Science & NatureBackyard Beauties auction countdown: Bidding is April 17-28

Backyard Beauties auction countdown: Bidding is April 17-28

The countdown to the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust online auction is starting.  This time next week bidding will be under way.   We will have registered to bid, marked our favorites,  maybe been outbid more than once, revised our list of favorites, and we will be back in the game.   Most of all, it will be two weeks of bidding fun!

This is the week to prepare for the auction.

BUILDERS/DONORS:  submission deadline is Friday, April 14th at 5:00 PM.  Put the finishing touches on your creation and register it for the auction by visiting and following the “Events” prompts.

PARTICIPANTS:  For those who are planning to bid, register on the auction site, so that Monday, April 17, you are ready to start bidding.  Go to and follow the prompts to the Backyard Beauties event where you will find the auction link towards the bottom of the article.  You might also want to click on the “Heart “icon above the entries to identify your early favorites.  Don’t worry about the “Star” icon. Once you start bidding it will turn yellow to let you know you are the leading bidder.  Note that if you push the DONATE button you will have made a donation, but you will not have bid on any item.

MAKE A DONATION:   If you support the Land Trust in its goal of acquiring conservation properties but don’t have space for more things avian in your backyard, consider using the DONATE button to make a straight donation.   It will go to the same worthy cause.

US:   Glenda Jones and I will be interviewed on Valley Heritage Radio on Thursday, April 13th around 9 am.  Be sure to tune into 98.7 and listen!

Our goal this year is $10,000.  We did it last year.  Let’s see if we can do it again this year.   Bid on one or more creations or make a donation.   Every bit helps.  We can make it happen!  Happy bidding everyone!




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