By Neil Carleton 

When it was sunny, Saturday, and summer, a family street party was bound to happen yesterday. After a creative force of neighbours on St . George Street in Almonte, south of Argyle, gathered in some front yard shade, a formula for fun was soon cooked up. Included was a BBQ, yard games up and down the street, and outdoor movies for the evening. Street Party 4 August 20 2011

The afternoon highlight was an enthusiastic parade of kids and parents to the end of St. George and back. There were decorated bikes and trikes, rhythmn instruments and drums, along with colourful costumes for kids of all ages. The decorative gear included antlers and natty hats of all sorts, balloons, and a rainbow of coloured attire. The kids had on some pretty cool costumes too.

It was a remarkable summer celebration to behold. The fun was infectious, and ideas for the second annual St. George Family Street Party are already in the works. If the families in your neighbourhood are celebrating summer in creative ways, I hope you’ll share your stories with other Millstone readers.