Councillors Shaun McLaughlin and Duncan Abbott brought forward motions at the July 29. 2014 Mississippi Mills Council meeting to reflect residents’ concern about the Enerdu project.

ShaunCouncillor Shaun McLaughlin moved that:

AND WHEREAS the residents of Mississippi Mills value the historic and natural landscape of the river as it passes through Almonte;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council does not support the Enerdu GS Expansion and Redevelopment Project in its current form and that the Premier of Ontario, the ministers of Energy, Environment, Culture and Resources, and the Enerdu proponent be advised.



Duncan AbbottCouncillor Duncan Abbott introduced a related motion that will ask for the water management plan for Reach 18 of the river be opened.


1. The staff of the MVCA having reviewed several studies on the impacts of climate change are of the opinion that river systems such as the Mississippi River and other areas of Eastern Ontario will be subject to summer weather events that will involve more frequent record rainfalls.

2. The Town Of Almonte has seen record one day rainfall events in each of the last four years including one on June 24 2014 which established a new record.

3. Locations such as the Almonte Fair Grounds now have had summer flooding of their buildings for the first time.

4. The buildings in question are at or near to the current summer high water mark

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council of the Town of Mississippi Mills hereby requests that the MNR and the MCVA review the allowable levels of those controlled reaches within the Town Boundaries.

The motions will be discussed at the next Committee of the Whole meeting on August 12, 2014.