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ArchivesGun-wielding motorcyclist confined to Almonte 'house arrest'

Gun-wielding motorcyclist confined to Almonte ‘house arrest’

A motorcyclist charged with brandishing a fake gun at drivers in this region for supposedly driving too slowly has been ordered to stay out of Ottawa and must remain in his parents’ home in Almonte under “what amounts to house arrest,” reports the Ottawa Citizen.

Police hand-out

James Cole, 25, faces a slew of charges over the incidents, which were widely reported in local and national media.

The Citizen says, “as part of his conditions for release on bail, James Cole, 25, can only enter the city limits for court or medical or counselling appointments, and even then he must be accompanied by one of his parents, who have agreed to act as his court-appointed sureties.”

Cole was released on $15,000 bail and was ordered to seek treatment for substance abuse. He faces charges that include:

  • criminal harassment
  • fleeing from police
  • dangerous driving
  • assault with a weapon
  • possessing an imitation firearm
  • theft

The Citizen says that Cole was on probation for a prior conviction of impersonating a peace officer in Mississippi Mills in July 2014.




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