Perianne goes to SochiAlmontonian Perianne Jones will be a vital part of the Canadian Women’s Cross Country Olympic Ski Team at the Sochi Olympics in February 2014 and we want to support her and let the world know that she is from and is supported by Mississippi Mills, Canada. This is Perianne’s second Olympics and she has been tasked with raising $10,000 to help the team reach Sochi, an daunting amount for a small town, but we are up to the task. Perianne  attended G.L. Comba, Naismith and R. Tait McKenzie schools, and graduated from Almonte and District High School. She has been a great supporter of  and has done a lot of work for Mississippi Mills girls in sport, the Terry Fox run, School Box and more. She is an MM treasure.

If we can raise the money the town has agreed that the Mississippi Mills logo may be used in a 10 cm badge on her Olympic clothing. The Royal Bank has set up a community account, and waived the banking fees, to receive donations. Baker Bob is also accepting donations and will deposit them to this account known as “Perianne Goes to Sochi”

All funds donated will go to Perianne, including any amount over the $10,0000. February 7, 2014 is the final date for donations. The Almonte Sign Company has printed posters for this campaign spearheaded by Almonte resident Jane Torrance. You will see them around town. So break open those piggy banks this holiday season and give Perianne a great send off!!
Millstone Editor