It is Sunday morning at 7:30. I hear the sound of heavy equipment. Out for a walk with the dogs and what do I see and hear. Cranes and equipment are working at the Enerdu site.

(Millstone photo)

It reminds me of the noise and lights last Thursday and Friday night until 11 PM. Heavy equipment, backup beeping and bright lights.

Last Tuesday evening Council deferred Enerdu’s request to operate outside of the noise-bylaw hours (7AM to 7 PM Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM Sunday).

Council instructed Enerdu to arrange a meeting with local residents to see if an agreement could be reached on possible extended working hours. As of Sunday morning, no meeting notification has been received.

Council made it clear that the final decision devolved upon council itself and agreed to hold a special meeting to expedite this matter.

Now all residents can see the level of respect Enerdu and Jeff Cavanaugh have for our community, not just certain residents who opposed the project, but all residents, our bylaws and a resolution passed unanimously by council.

Enerdu (Jeff Cavanuagh) is a bully. What we see going on here are the actions of a bully. What do we teach our children in school? We teach them that you must stand up to bullies and stop them.

It is time that Mississippi Mills residents and Council stood up to Enerdu and set an example.

What can Council do? Enerdu is quite happy to pay a $50.00 fine for each day. That fine is a joke for them. What other tools does council have?

Increased fines? Maybe $5000.0 a day. (we could use this $ to fund the skate park and other recreation facilities.)

How about a stop-work order on the project? We likely have grounds. Enerdu is violating municipal bylaws in defiance of Council.

What can local residents do? Right now we can ask our council to not give Enerdu an exemption to the noise bylaw and find a way to enforce the bylaw.

If Enerdu continues to defy Council, maybe residents can blockade the work site after 7 PM. Stay on municipal sidewalks but block construction traffic. Since Enerdu is violating our noise bylaw and it would be hard for them to make a case that we are interfering with a lawful business operation.

The noise and disruption after approved working hours is not a minor inconvenience. It is impacting the health of some residents and is certainly causing stress for many others. We accept that 12 hour work days are legal in the community. That gives us 12 hours of peace and quiet to recover. Enerdu is working 16 hour days. When do we get a break?

Enerdu will come up with many excuses for the need to work 16 hours a day. This last summer, fall and winter to date have provided Enerdu with ideal weather for construction. If they are behind schedule they can only blame themselves. Why should local residents suffer the consequences of their planning and scheduling problems?

I invite comments to this letter. Give your ideas to council. Please be respectful.

Brian Young