Friday, December 2, 2022
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LivingForever Young!

Forever Young!

Erica Mckay

In case some of you have missed the news, there is a great new program in Almonte called Forever Young.  This program has been brought together by Mills Community Support and the Mississippi Mills Youth Centre (with funding from the United Way), and was launched this fall (you can read more at – )The program strives to bring together youth, adults and seniors for a variety of programs, and I highly recommend checking it out!  My family has enjoyed fun museum trips, delicious community dinners and learning to knit.

Most recently, we participated in an exercise class put on by Jane Beall that was a fabulous opportunity for us all!  First of all, many of the youth were fascinated to discover that they had a hard time keeping up with this fit senior (I love how this program is working to break down stereotypes that may exist!) and felt inspired to keep on exercising more regularly.  It was a fun class, with lots of giggles and new music – and we learned a lot about what to focus on as we age.

For example, we did a lot of balance work, as that becomes increasingly important to maintain to help prevent falls.  We talked a lot about back care and learned specific exercises to strengthen our backs.  And most importantly we learned about the importance of keeping active – even a week of absence from exercise can have a detrimental affect on seniors, as it becomes harder to bounce back with age.  So much to learn, and to inspire us, and we definitely felt our new muscles the next morning!  Keep an eye out for future exercise opportunities at the youth centre – or Jane teaches a class every Tue from 9-10am at the Fergussen Falls Hall for those 60 years and over.  She is a super fun, energetic and knowledgeable instructor (with safety certification in heart wise) and we REALLY appreciate her willingness to volunteer her time for the Forever Young program.

If you are someone with something to share, please contact the Mississippi Mills Youth Centre – the Forever Young program is a fabulous opportunity for us all to learn from each other in an intergenerational environment




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