Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Diana’s Quiz – March 25, 2023

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Arts & CultureJennifer Ryder-Jones: Flights of Fancy

Jennifer Ryder-Jones: Flights of Fancy

Mixed Media Sculpture at Carriageway Studios, September 2017

Meet the artist: Saturday Sept. 9, 2-5. Refreshments will be served. 

by Chandler Swain

It has been a rare treat for me to be able to curate the first 5 exhibitions held over the summer in the exhibition space at Almonte’s Carriageway Studios. I had the privilege to pick artists whose work I find to be exceptionally worthwhile and give them a place to show what they chose for a month. We have been gratified by the response to this project with many locals and visitors to Almonte coming to see what was showing.

So this brings me to the final exhibition of this series. The work Jennifer Ryder- Jones needs space: big time. Its not that the sculptures are so huge, its more the energetic and emotional space they occupy. This is the work of an artist who manifests her art as an extension of the way she lives: noticing the natural world intimately, respecting natural phenomena and seeing the dynamic potential in overlooked materials. Combine Jen’s aesthetic intuition and powers of observation with a career submerged in her art practice making bold, beautiful pottery, and sculpture and you cant help but be moved by the grounded beauty and superb technical skill evident in her work. This is especially poignant as the focus of this series is about flight.

The work in this show was previously exhibited at the gallery at The Rideau and Perley Veterans Health Centre where Jen teaches ceramics to the residents. This facility is renowned for engaging professional, working, artists to come and enrich the lives of the residents with a serious art program.

The show was so beautiful and powerful that it definitely needed to be seen again. It will be on display in Almonte for the month of September and you can drop into Carriageway Studios, open on Saturday afternoon and by chance most weekdays.

However take note: Jen’s parties are legendary so her “Meet the Artist” reception will be worth attending. Save the Date: September 9th , 2-5 pm at Carriageway Studios , off Mill st in Almonte, through the Carriageway.






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