Friday Aug 24 2012

11pm EDT

Bridge over the Indian River – Mill of Kintail


First Quarter Moon Finally!

 Well, it finally did clear folks! As I was cycling home, a beautiful orange first
quarter moon shone its light on my path…


Well, we'll have another opportunity this week coming up. However it will be full moon – no terminators to peer through..

I have posted the notes covering the material we did last night:


Lecture 2 Materials 

Here is lecture 2:Download AstrocourseFall2012lec2

Here is a lecture on the Moon and First Quarter Lunar Observations:

Download MoonFall2012

Here are the 2 videos on the moon courtesy Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter:

Tour of the Moon

Lunar Evolution

Here are some sample Lunar Exercises 

Download LunarSampleExercises