What is a taxpayer to think? Messages sent to each and every one of the councillors as well as the CAO and Town Clerk with no responses from anyone other than the town Clerk after I made contact by telephone. Denying delegates such as Melissa Rusk former president of LAWS the opportunity to present a more realistic budget at the council meeting scheduled for Tuesday January 14th. Sudden changes, made after the fact, to the town website to justify denying Ms. Rusk. A tax payer such a myself getting a clear message from my municipality that they have no intention of hearing my or anyone else’s concerns in a public forum regarding this Lanark Pound Proposal.

Yes, Mayor Levi did respond to a second message sent directly to him and I expect to be communicating with him on Monday, but the facts are what they are and I have to wonder why my municipality is so unwilling to hear the realities of the true cost and risks associated with assuming responsibility of a municipal pound.

It’s frightening to think that this could be anything other than poor management, but I do have to wonder given how ill conceived this current proposal is. Either way, poor management is not acceptable to me and should not be to other taxpayers.

Louise Shane