Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Arts & CultureMuseum Adventures Camp in Appleton

Museum Adventures Camp in Appleton

 by Ken Caldwell

The North Lanark Regional Museum Adventures Camp began on July 8th and ended July 12th, providing a fun experience for the kids attending and the staff of the museum who supervised the activities. 14 kids attended the camp, with Riley, Ken, Stuart, Celia and Sarah as counsellors.

Appleton Museum Summer Adventure Camp
Campers enjoy a magic show

The counsellors guided the children through fun crafts, theme days, and the making of some fun foods, as well as introducing the campers to the local history through the artefacts in the museum. Highlights from the camp included making butter, baking tortillas and crushing delicious apples with an old fashioned cider press. Ken told a scary ghost story, which sent thrills and chills through the campers, while providing some levity at the same time.

The final day of camp was much enjoyed by the campers, as “Water Fun Day” allowed them to beat the heat and soak the camp counsellors with water balloons, much to their delight. The Museum Adventures camp was a success, many thanks to our great campers, those who donated supplies and special thanks to Ellie for volunteering.

Appleton Museum Summer Adverture camp
Campers participate in a parachute show

Our next Museum Adventures Camp runs August 12 to 16 and is already fully booked!







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