Monday, May 29, 2023
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Arts & CultureNew music program at the Youth Centre

New music program at the Youth Centre

This COVID time is so strange. The Mississippi Mills Youth Centre is closed, yet we are still planning for when we can see youth again. This week we have two stories we want to share.

We were devastated to learn that Aiden Verk died this week:—Verk-Aiden/index.php  At (almost) 11 years of age, he was a rock-star youth-in-training, and he absolutely loved music.  He was not yet old enough to attend the Youth Centre, but that did not stop his family from asking for donations in Aiden’s name be directed to the MMYC.  We have decided to start a music program in his name, and we mourn the loss of this young man and all of his potential.

This week, Mississippi Mills Music Works is closing its doors permanently: The Youth Centre had a great partnership with Mississippi Mills Musicworks.  One of our most popular programs at the centre is Ukes for Youth – learning to play the ukulele! We have now purchased a class set of ukuleles and look forward to future programs with these fun little instruments!  We will miss our friends at Musicworks but are happy to start our music program with ukuleles.

Stay “tuned” for more information about this new music program.  We will be working out all the details in the weeks and months ahead.

Stay well.

We will be together again.

Mississippi Mills Youth Centre




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