Sunday, November 27, 2022
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EnerduOpen letter re Enerdu to anyone who will make a difference

Open letter re Enerdu to anyone who will make a difference


CC to: Kathleen Wynne – Premier of Ontario
Bob Chiarelli – Minister of Energy
Glenn Murray – Minister of the Environment
John Levi – Mayor Mississippi Mills
Jack MacLaren – MPP Carleton Mississippi Mills
Ottawa Citizen
CBC news Ottawa
CTV news Ottawa


To anyone out there who will make a difference;

Isn’t there anyone out there with the moral conviction, the intelligence, the power, the political will, and/or the courage to put a stop to the Enerdu Hydroelectric Expansion Project? You all know what I am talking about – you have heard all of the reasons for the OVERWHELMING opposition to this scheme. Just because it is all legal and meets certain requirements, doesn’t make it right. (Remember when it was illegal for women to vote?)

One question that has not, or will not, be addressed is this: We have been told that part of the reason for the ever increasing hydro rates, is that Ontario already produces significantly more electricity than it needs, and that we are actually PAYING to have it exported out of the province. If this is, in fact, the case, why has the Enerdu Project even been given the slightest consideration? Can Ontarians look forward to even higher hydro bills, in order to cover the cost of this profoundly unnecessary and unwanted power plant, and to continue the profoundly illogical practice of paying to ship the energy elsewhere?

We have not heard even one, single, valid reason for approving this outrageous project. No, it will not create jobs, and no, there does not appear to be any economic benefit to our community. This is not just a NIMBY issue. The issue is that this completely unwelcome and needless power plant should not be built in anyone’s back yard.

Is there anyone out there with the authority and the integrity to step up, do the right thing and put a stop to this project?

D. Wioonzek,
Almonte, Ontario




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