Friday, June 2, 2023
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Pop-up plant sale, June 4

Almonte Homestead Pop-up Market Plant Sales Sunday...

Estate sale, June 3

Saturday June 3rd, 8 am to 2pm 1517...

North Lanark Agricultural Society spring dance, June 17

The North Lanark Agricultural Society is hosting...
EnerduOpen letter to Mayor John Levi re Enerdu

Open letter to Mayor John Levi re Enerdu

Mr. John Levi, Mayor, Town of Mississippi Mills,

Recognizing the frightening effect that burning fossil fuels has on the world climate, the necessity to develop alternative and renewable energy sources has become crucial. Someday we will benefit from an increase in solar and wind power in Ontario, but meanwhile we need further hydro-electric power development.

This, of course, does not mean that Ontarians are going to accept the exploitation of any available river, lake or stream. The Enerdu project will produce a negligible amount of power, according to their projections, but it will have a considerable effect up-river, and on the small stretch of the Mississippi River that flows through Almonte.

The sometimes tumultuous, sometimes serene passage of the river through Almonte is what sustains the flow of visiting tourists and provides energy to the citizens, who so loyally work to promote the vitality of their town. A small but vibrant town, the river running through provides the needed spark that generates all this energy.

How ironic that a minor, private hydro plant, of little significance to our province’s power needs, and with virtually no contribution to the town, might be given the potential to destroy the energy and beauty of a fine town like Almonte. It makes no sense.

Please consider your stand on this important question and its irreversible effects. Speak out for Almonte and bring a stop to any further Enerdu development.

Please throw your weight behind your town!

Betty McCubbin




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