Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Letters to the EditorReader responds to 'civil society' letter

Reader responds to ‘civil society’ letter

I am Gloria Leonard my name was on the bottom of my letter, Jan’s name was on the bottom of her letter there was a phone number of the sender so it wasn’t anonymous, I have know idea what was said to the person  on the phone to get that response could it have not been a not very polite call to said person to get that response , I don’t know, and yes there are two sides to a story.

As for me Gloria Leonard giving a personal attack including reference to her children is simply not true, my words were anyone (ANYONE) with children should know the value of this park and any park, so please don’t assume what I am saying Ms. Mason. I have two  grown children and five grandchildren and I do know the value of parkland.

You told me to try and get a bi- law passed to stop  the sale of parkland, does anyone really think they would pass this bi-law when they have sold Graystone Estate park and  trying to sell Munroe meadow parkland and Don Maynard park and block 42. They could take money instead of parkland from the developers but instead as said at council meeting they won’t do that because once land is developed it is worth more money, so our parks are for sale a their discretion.

I was asked this morning what I feel about the health of our children and the obesity of our youth, my answer is clearly do you think selling parkland will fix any of that and was there a study done in  Mississippi mills on the health of our youth, we have hockey, baseball, football , celtic football, curling, ball hockey , soccer , church groups with physical programs , Mill of Kintail summer programs  of which my children and grandchildren have taken part in some or all of these. Take a look around Almonte how many obese youth do you see?

It is not our council to decide on what we need for our children.

As for the pamphlet it was sent out because council will not listen to our concerns of selling parkland and definitely  not a dedicated park. This was sprung on us July 1st when most people were away on summer vacation and only about 20 letters sent to the people in this community, we got over 1300 signatures against the sale of DMP and over 350 adult and more counting the children that made signs and came to stand out in the heat and listen to it on air as a change of venue was not granted, and still they will not listen. Yes we are angry and hurt , that is why the pamphlet was sent to inform the people of Mississippi Mills of what is being done. I talk to people everyday and that are just learning of this proposed sale. A lot  of people don’t go to council meetings and do not realize what is happening, we have tried to get on the agenda but have been told it is full, how do we get to speak.

My suggestion is have an open mike night and a question and answer period  after council meeting where we can voice our concerns, writing letters falls on deaf ears and goes no farther than a back and forth, in order to help make our community better we need a council that will listen.

Thank you

Gloria (VanDusen ) Leonard




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