Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Science & NatureNatureScrews, nails and creativity

Screws, nails and creativity

by Glenda Jones

How’s your birdhouse coming along? It is still a pile of scrap board and a handful of nails? Have you nearly finished it? The deadline for entering the Birdhouse Blowout sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists is seven weeks away, still plenty of time to create a home for the spring nesters.

Although there is no entry fee, it is necessary to register your birdhouse before April 9th   by going to the registration form at

When your house is ready, you will need a photo, an idea of the value of your house, and a suggested opening bid. You should also include a fun name and description that will help sell your house; along with other pertinent details material, hole size. By registering, your entry will be automatically posted to the auction site in due time.

Plans for displaying the wide variety of houses are underway, both online and in various locations in the downtown area. Go to  for a sneak peek at the unique creations. Donations will be loaded as they are received.  Bidding on these unique creations will begin on April 12th and will end April 23rd.

The Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists are working hard to make this event a huge success, both as a community project and as a fundraiser for the Cliff Bennet Nature Bursary, a coveted award for students pursuing nature-related studies at the post-secondary level.  The MVFN website is full of information on all things natural, including our Birdhouse Blowout.

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