Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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UncategorizedSleep: Wouldn’t it be nice!

Sleep: Wouldn’t it be nice!

Without sleep, everything else feels worse. Learn what you can do to get more sleep, as well as better quality sleep. 

The Series:
This will be the second evening in the Wellness Seminar Series being offered this fall at the Mississippi Mills Public Library, Almonte Branch (155 High Street, Almonte). The bi-weekly seminars are being held in Thursday evenings, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The next topic, Sleep: Wouldn’t it be nice? will be presented on September 26.
The series is relevant to people of all ages who are aiming to reach optimum levels of physical and mental health. I am offering this series to engage members of my community in improving their own health knowledge and skills and becoming more able to help others around them. A strong healthy community benefits everyone.
What to Expect: 
The sessions begin at 7 p.m. with getting to know each other and getting settled in at tables with a beverage and a snack. There will be a presentation, a short break and time for questions and discussion.
Pay What You Can:
The wellness seminar series is a means to get to know the members of my community as well as an opportunity to introduce myself as Nurse Practitioner.  Although I make my living by sharing my knowledge, skills and experience in my private practice, I also wish to make this kind of service accessible to everyone, no matter their current financial situation. I am familiar with how difficult it is to find the right person to help in times of struggle, and I hope to make reaching out for help easier.
I would appreciate an RSVP 24 hours before the seminar but if you decide to come at the last minute that’s fine too.  I welcome comments and suggestions of topics of interest. Visit Even Keel Health website for more information on the topics being planned for the series.
Nathalie Graveline
Nurse Practitioner
Even Keel Health
(613) 558-1967




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