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NewsTown staff threatened after parkland meeting

Town staff threatened after parkland meeting

Editor’s Note: We received this information from Council a short time ago.

On Tuesday August 9, 2016, the Council of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills hosted a well-attended and largely respectful public meeting at the Municipal Office. Despite the high level of emotion in the room, about twenty people spoke thoughtfully and passionately about their position on the potential sale of parkland. In light of some negative statements directed at municipal staff, a 10-minute recess was taken, after which time Council continued to welcome comments from the public.

Capture from live webcast of Tuesday’s meeting

What was not public was the deliberate intimidation and threats made to a female staff member as she made her way to her car in the dark following the meeting. What was not public was the OPP presence needed in response to the violence that occurred and the escorts that were necessary to see staff home safely. What was not public were the intimidating expletives directed to the mayor following the meeting from a member of the public who had to be escorted from the building.

We are committed to building a community free from intimidation and violence. We do not tolerate acts of violence perpetrated against any community member regardless of gender, role, and title. It is our hope that we are building a community that is safe, welcoming, open and respectful of all.

Based on recent challenges in our community and heartfelt loss it is critical that we reflect on our choices, take steps to change, and speak out against violence in all forms.


Mississippi Mills Council




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