Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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10th Anniversary AGH Run for Women’s Health, June 10

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Vallentyne Bake, Tuesday, February 14

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2 bedroom furnished apartment for rent, downtown Almonte

Two-bedroom, one-bath fully furnished apartment for rent...
NewsMissing Councillors

Missing Councillors

The Millstone received a number of comments about the absence of municipal councillors from the all candidates' meeting at the Almonte Old Town Hall on September 15. The concern expressed was that, given the importance of provincial programs and money to  municipalities, some councillors should be there to at least hear what the candidates had to say. Not one attended The Millstone asked the councillors whether they attended (in case we were wrong and some had appeared) and if not, why not. There responses are below.

Gary Dalgity, John Edwards and Val Wilkinson, were at the Ontario East Municipal Conference in Kingston at which Mr. Dalgity received a 25 year muncipal service pin.

Denny Ferguson stated that he does not believe that he has to share with the Millstone or our readers why he did not attend a particular all candidates' provincial election meeting but added that he was attending the Ontario East Municipal Conference. He noted that the organizers of the all candidates' meetings do not share their schedule in advance with council.

Alex Gillis replied that he normally attends all candidates' meetings both provincial and federal, but that he had a work commitment that night.

Rick Minnilli did not attend because he believes that various levels of government, federal, provincial and municipal should keep themselves separate.




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