1.  A lateen is a triangular sail mounted at an angle in a fore-and-aft direction on the mast.  Although used on small recreational boats like the Sunfish and the Sailfish, it dates back to Roman navigation and is still used by working fishermen in the Mediterranean.

 2. Shunga is an erotic art form which flourished in Japan’s Edo period.

3.  The Corporation of Pilots for and Below the Harbour of Quebec, was founded in 1860.  It became the Corporation of Lower St Lawrence Pilots in 1960.

4.  Sorghum is a grass cultivated as grain or as a source of syrup.  High in iron, fibre and proteins.  Its use originated in ancient Egypt.

5. ‘My  Own Private Idaho’ starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix, is based on Shakespeare’s ‘Henry IV, Part 1’, ‘Henry IV, Part II’ and ‘Henry V’.