1. quizBritish actor Sir Ben Kingsley got his start in theatre in London’s West End as the narrator and guitarist in A Smashing Day, a musical produced by Beatles manager Brian Epstein.  Epstein was so impressed with Ben’s talent that he introduced him to John Lennon and Ringo Starr, who urged him to pursue music instead of the stage.  He didn’t, needless to say.
  2. Fidel Castro was an extra in the 1946 Hollywood movie Holiday in Mexico, while a student at the University of Havana.
  3.  The word retail, as in the sale of commodities in small amounts to consumers, derives from the French ‘tailler’ to cut, that is, a piece cut from a larger article or unit and sold.
  4.  Boxcars refers to a pair of sixes on dice in craps, because when they roll up together, they look like two boxcars.
  5. Lois Lane was the girlfriend and wife of Clark Kent.