256For the past five weeks we have been receiving calls from 256 numbers, even including our own phone number! Today it was 256-7243 Sears Travel; and 256-8596 Air Canada. Others have been 256-256-2040 Hilton Hotels and two from Mariott Hotels. To say that these calls are frustrating is an understatement. We have call display and usually don’t answer for numbers we don’t know or don’t expect, but when it comes to 613-256 who knows who could be calling. How is this happening?

I  don’t know but I sure wish some authority would do something about it. What is worrying is that if they use our number people will think we are being a nuisance, as it will be for other people whose numbers being used. And how can they use our number to call us? Would somebody somewhere please sort this out or tell us what to do.

B.A. Relfe
Clayton, ON