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EnerduPhotographer John Fowler's photos of the Enerdu protest

Photographer John Fowler’s photos of the Enerdu protest

Professional photographer and Mississippi Mills resident John Fowler took these and many more photos of the Enerdu protest. He has graciously donated a number of them to the Millstone. All photos are his copyright.

Enerdu Potest 12 June 28 2014
On Saturday June 28, 200-300 people gathered to protest the Enerdu hydro dam expansion project
Enerdu Protest 1406  03
Local residents sign the petition to Stop Enerdu
Enerdu Protest 1406  11
Residents set out to march through Almonte in protest
Enerdu Protest 1406  39
Protesters of all ages took part
Protesters occupied both land and water
Protesters occupied both land and water
Enerdu Protest 1406  09
Beach balls symbolize that local politicians “dropped the ball” on this issue.
Enerdu Protest 1406  40
Protesters toss the balls to make the point. Balls were retrieved from the river after the toss.
Enerdu Potest 10 June 28 2014
Balls were retrieved from the river after the toss.

Photos: © John Fowler 2014

Other media wishing to use these or other of his photos should contact

John T. Fowler,
Photography For Education
Tel: 613-256-4056 Fax: 613-256-3961





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