Re: Ottawa Valley Rail Trail (OVRT)

In my opinion there are five (5) reasons to ban the use of motorized vehicles on the OVRT in and about Almonte:

1/ Pollution. Although improved, emission controls on two (2) stroke engines (many ATV’s and snowmobiles), remains substandard. As well, the noise from these machines can be deafening. Is the county or municipality prepared to erect sound barriers (a visibly ugly solution).

2/ The currently proposed use, is totally at odds with the concept of man-made greenhouse gas emissions and resultant climate change (yes Mr Trump, it is true)

3/ The safety of pedestrians and bicyclists using the trail would be severely compromised.

4/ At the present time, the trail is, in numerous locations, a wildlife sanctuary, and this would also be at risk.

5/ Devaluation of property ,and lifestyle for homeowners bordering the trail.

I entirely agree with Don Johnston that it is incumbent on the MM council to make their position on the trail usage perfectly clear.


Dr David M Atack