Monday, November 28, 2022
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Arts & CultureA Timeless and Passionate Tragedy: A Matchless Teller of Tales

A Timeless and Passionate Tragedy: A Matchless Teller of Tales

2 women productions logo Tristan and Iseult with Stephanie Beneteau

Full Circle Theatre, Perth

7:30 Saturday , March 1



Tristan and Iseult, is one of the western world’s most cherished love stories. The tale is best known as a medieval romance but like all the world’s greatest stories, it’s true beginnings are hidden far back in ancient times. Over hundreds of years, all kinds of people have told this story and written it down. It has inspired artists from Wagner, to James Joyce to William Morris. It has universal appeal and in modern times has even been made into a Bollywood film!

Stephanie Beneteau, sstoryteller conteuse This is a unique opportunity to experience this classic tale as it was originally created; a story, simply and oh so compellingly told, by a master teller. There is drama and intrigue in plenty. Friendship, erotic passion and murderous rage bind King Marc of Cornwall, Iseult the Fair of Ireland and Marc’s nephew Tristan together in the most tragic of love triangles. In company with dragons, maidens, dwarves, knights, kings and an array of other fantastical characters, listeners will experience passion, laughter, fear, heroism, betrayal. Together teller and listener will voyage to the ancient sea girt land of Cornwall where the wind blows wild and the lovers teeter on the edge of a sharp and ever more dangerous sword.

There is probably no one in Canada better suited to the telling of this grand tale than Stephanie Beneteau, one of our finest tellers. Her unique style is delicate and powerful at the same time, with a sensuality just right for an epic love story. The creating of this performance was in fact something of a love story itself. Alberto García Sánchez who directed the original production and was a partner in its creation says:

“The relationship between storyteller and story is similar to that of people who fall in love. One day, the story seems to be pig-headed and angry with the storyteller, while another day, it is the storyteller’s turn to get mad at the story. But with the passage of time, the storyteller comes to know and love every moment of the story. Working with Stéphanie on Tristan and Iseult, I witnessed just such a love story.”

Stephanie Beneteau’s remarkable performance of Tristan and Iseult is part of 2 women productions’ commitment to bringing the finest of adult storytelling to The Ottawa valley, a commitment that encompasses contemporary work but also honours the foundational nature of the old stories in our literary culture. Chances to really experience these stories are, alas, few and far between these days. Don’t miss this one.

For Tickets: In advance on line:

In advance in person: Tickets Please, 39 Foster St. 613-485-6434

$18.00 in Advance $20.00 at the door $10.00 under 25 or under-employed

For more information: or Jennifer Cayley 613-256-0353




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