Now…THAT”S customer service!

Far too often, we hear complaints and horror stories about bad customer service. We rarely hear about exceptional customer service.

I would like to relate an experience of the second variety.

It’s the time of year when snow tires have to be installed. We have four snow tires on rims which I store at my brother-in-law’s place and I’d made arrangements with Steve Blackburn of Blackburn’s Garage in Almonte to bring the car in for the exchange of tires. As all four tires couldn’t fit in the trunk of the car, I’d also made arrangements with Steve to borrow his truck to pick up the tires and bring them to the garage.

I arrived at the appointed time, gave the car keys to Steve and asked for his keys to the truck.

He replied “No need. I picked the tires up on the way here”.

Michael Dunn – Almonte