In 2016/17, the Almonte Civitan Club raised over $65,000 that was then given to many Almonte community services, organizations and individuals to support their activities and needs. The Almonte General Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundations, the Food Bank, Hub Hospice, Lanark County Interval House, Mills Community Support, Ottawa Heart Institute, Mississippi Mills Youth Centre, and Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust are just some of the many organizations that have benefited.

Fund raising is done through the rental of the Almonte Civitan Community Hall, catering to weddings and other special events, BBQs at community events, the Civitan Lottery, Christmas Craft Fair, sale of Claxton cakes, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Breakfasts, Fish Fry, Lobster Fest, and of course Apple Pie/Apple Crisp and Christmas Pie Days (tourtiere and cherry pies). When you support these and other Civitan fundraisers, you are supporting your community.

All fund raising activities are done by Civitan member who volunteer their time and talents to prepare meals, cook, serve, set up and take down tents for special events and many other interesting activities.  Club members also manage the Medical Cupboard that loans walkers, wheel chairs, medical beds and other equipment to those that require specialized assistance for limited time periods.

Annually the Club presents awards to its deserving members for their volunteer achievements and to introduce the new Executive for the coming year. As well this year, Earl Coulis was inducted into the Club by Governor Mark Wright. The following Civitans were presented with awards:

Rookie of the Year – Civitan Bob Lesser

Outstanding Project: Wines of the World – Civitans Julie Rice, Doug Rice and Kevin Puddington

Membership Award, for the most members recruited during the past year – Civitan Dale Penstone

Art Toshack Memorial Award for the most outstanding public service project – Civitan Larry Woermke for all the community service BBQs

Golden Fine Award for the highest number of fines paid during the year (25 cent fines usually) – Civitan Mike Keffer

Civitan of the Year Award for providing outstanding service during the past year – Civitans Dale Penstone and Mike Keffer

Club Honour Key for providing outstanding service, serving for 3 years on the executive and being a Past Civitan of the Year – Civitan Lorraine Mouland

Lloyd Connolly Memorial Award for the project deemed worthy of distinction – Civitans Don Stewart and Ruth Stewart

As well, President Mike Keffer presented a number of Presidential Certificates and Governor Elect Ron Legge installed the new 2017-18 Executive Officer. At the end of the evening, President Mike Keffer passed on the gavel to incoming President Marsha Guthrie and the Club prepares to continue its fundraising and support to our community organizations and citizens. If helping support your community through Civitan is something that would interest you, please refer to our website:, give us a call at (613) 256-6234 or e-mail us at