by Brent Eades


When I used to travel more frequently for work my ‘go-to’ place for advice on lodgings and things to see and do was, a hugely popular site whose travel ratings are based almost entirely on reviews by visitors.

Today I decided to see how Almonte is perceived by the global TripAdvisors community, and was very pleased to see how favourably we are reviewed by visitors. Here’s some sample headings from our page on the site:

“An attractive site off the beaten track”

“Almonte Ontario shows its historic roots—thank heavens”

“Lovely little boardwalk.”

“A jewel!”

“Classic downtown”

“Day Trip to a Beautiful Location”

“Lovely little town on the outskirts of Ottawa.”

Yet another reminder that the pristine and historic nature of our downtown and riverfront must be protected at all costs. Those are what bring visitors, prestige and dollars to our community.

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