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Arts & CultureAn Artist's NotesAn Artist’s Notes | The Dodd House    

An Artist’s Notes | The Dodd House    

Eileen Hennemann

When we return from Carleton Place we usually turn on to Rae Road to go home.

Sometimes we continue to Almonte Street to turn right, scoot down Bay Hill and stop in at the post office for our mail. But just before that right turn is a dip in the road and one of my favourite local scenes. It’s seeing the Dodd house sitting on the hill on the left. Although I don’t know anything about the family and the house, I do know what seeing it makes me feel.

There’s an open porch that glows in the morning sunrise, welcoming what birdsong and critters are awakening. I’m “there” with my cuppa and thoughts, happy for another day.

I have a vague memory of seeing a laundry line full of sheets and pillow cases, sparkling clean in the country air, and waving to the soft, summer day. This house is nestled within tall, tall trees that may be as old as it is, and were planted for shade and protection, and to please the eye. It rests comfortably beside a busy road that was once travelled by a much different horsepower. I can see the buggies, carts and carriages making their way to our various hamlets.

Yes, I am a romantic. I’ll conjure stories to fit how I feel when I look at a scene and this particular one always makes me feel calm and happy, and appreciative of what came before.

Eileen Hennemann | |





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