1. quizSport-inspired Olympic medals for the arts were and are no longer given because the relevant jury considered that the artists would be professionals, while the athletes had to be amateur.
  2. In the original basketball game, there was no hole at the bottom of the basket, so for 21 years the ball had to be retrieved with a long stick.
  3. Sudan is a country whose penal code includes crucifixion. This form of capital punishment imposed by Islamic law, is variously interpreted as exposure of the body after execution; crucifixion followed by stabbing in the chest, or crucifixion for 3 days, the survivors of which are allowed to live.
  4. A ‘skosh’ amount is a smidgen, a little bit, from the Japanese ‘sukoshi’, also meaning a little bit.
  5. Other movies directed by Jason Reitman include ‘Up in the Air’ and ‘Thank You for Smoking’.