1. quizThe fourth Magus was Artaban.  The story seems to originate from a tale by Henry van Dyke.
  2. Blood diamonds, also called hot, converted, conflict or war diamonds are mined and sold to finance wars.  Diamonds mined in Angola, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast have recently been given the label.
  3. Oronyms are a sequence of words that sound the same as a different sequence of words, like ‘the stuffy nose can lead to problems’ and ‘the stuff he knows can lead to problems’.
  4. The colour between blue and violet in the visible spectrum is indigo.
  5. One of the worst disasters in Roman military history when the whole army was defeated, the Battle of Edessa took place in AD260 in Turkey.  The Roman Emperor Valerian was taken prisoner.  The Persian King Shapur I and his soldiers were the victors.