1. quizThe human tongue has 7 muscles.  They are the only skeletal muscles not attached to a bone at either end.
  2. The four ancient Greek humours, or vital fluids, are blood, phlegm, melancholy and choler, which also represent earth, air, water and fire.
  3. The two musical works are:  Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.0; and Anton Bruckner’s Symphony in D Minor, which was not assigned a number by its composer and has subsequently been known by its German designation, ‘Die Nullte’: ‘The Zero’.
  4.  Canadian shinplasters were 25 cent paper monetary notes used from March,1870 to July, 1923.
  5.  The King James Version of the Christian bible was begun in 1604 for the Church of England and published in 1611.