by Diana Filer

1.  In a hockey game, a defence man is on ice for an average of 20 minutes per game, while a forward averages 15.  However, some goalies are in position for a whole game.
2.  2021’s most frequently stolen vehicle in Canada was the 2018 Honda CR-V AWD.
3.  First-footing, especially still in Scotland, refers to the first person through the door in the New Year.  It should be a dark-haired man, probably because a light-haired man would mean a Viking come calling.  In Sweden, a blond man is considered to be the lucky one.
4.  Gabriel Boric a leftist student protest leader, was this month elected President of Chile at the age of 35.
5.   Oak trees begin to produce acorns when they are at least 20 years old.