1. Toronto-born Sydney Newman created Dr Who in 1963 while he was Head of BBC TV Drama.  As well, he is credited with developing The Avengers.  His television career in Canada included the beginning of CBC television, where he produced among other events the first hockey game to be televised at Maple Leaf Gardens and the first Grey Cup before he moved to drama.  He was also chairman of the National Film Board of Canada.
  2. A lion, a goat and a snake are the 3 animals that make up a chimera according to Greek mythology.
  3. Anthrax spores occur naturally in the soil in most parts of the world, including Canada.
  4. Daisy Buchanan, was the love of Gatsby’s life.  She was married to Tom Buchanan.
  5. The code names of the 5 Normandy beaches for the D-Day invasions were Omaha, Gold, Juno, Utah and Sword.