by Diana Filer

  1.  Pomace oil is oil extracted from olive pulp after the first press.
  2.  Justify, a three-year-old colt bred by Canadians John Gunther and his daughter Tanya, won the Triple Crown for 2018 when he came first in the Belmont Stakes in New York this month.
  3.  A tramp stamp is a tattoo on a woman’s lower back.
  4. The P67 is an oil processing plant in the sea.  It is 300 meters long, and its maximum daily oil output is 150,000 barrels.   The deck is size of 3 football fields, and the displacement and production capacity are at world class level.  It is called ‘the Jumbo of the Sea’.
  5.  Dutch metal is an alloy of copper and zinc used to imitate gold leaf.