quiz1. To be between Scylla and Charybdis means to be between the devil and the deep blue sea.  Homer mentions them but later Greek mythology places them in the Straits of Messina between Sicily and Italy.  Scylla being rocky shoals on the Italian side, and Charybdis a giant whirlpool on the Sicilian side of the strait.

 2.  Frederick Mellinger, who invented the push-up bra, was the founder of Frederick’s of Hollywood in 1947, which flamboyantly and successfully advertised lingerie by mail, especially in periodicals such as movie magazines.  It has now been overtaken in popularity by Victoria’s Secret.

 3.  The tri colour beech tree has leaves of green, pink and white, which turn copper in the fall.

 4. Patios, pools, sidewalks and fountains and other structures are hardscape forms of landscaping.

 5.  Jerriais, a Norman French dialect, was the language of Jersey, and is still spoken in some parts of the island, as are patois in other of these Islands.  Guernsey, for example, has Dgernesiais, unique to it, which can be heard in some parishes there.