Monday, January 30, 2023
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St. Andrew’s United Church seeks AV manager

St. Andrew's United Church in Pakenham is...

Clarifying the language: Understanding Gender and Sexual Diversity

Learning Again In Almonte is offering an...

Diana’s Quiz – January 28, 2023

by Diana Filer 1.  Who composed the libretto...
Diana's QuizAnswers to Diana's Quiz - November 19, 2022

Answers to Diana’s Quiz – November 19, 2022

by Diana Filer

1.  Absolute zero Kelvin is -459.67 Fahrenheit, or -273.16 Celsius.
2.  Lieutenant General is a higher rank than Brigadier General.
3.  The current value of a 2023 Canadian silver Peace Dollar is $219.95.
4.  The newly elected Premier of British Columbia is David Eby, formerly the Attorney General in Premier John Horgan’s NDP cabinet.
5.  Champ is the name given to the thus far legendary monster of Lake Champlain.




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