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NewsLiberal Party candidate Megan Cornell's personal vision for the riding of Carleton-Mississippi Mills

Liberal Party candidate Megan Cornell's personal vision for the riding of Carleton-Mississippi Mills

 The Millstone asked each candidate for his or her personal vision for this riding – that is what they would do here if elected. Liberal party candidate Megan Cornell's response was provided in a personal interview. Here is her response to that question. MC_9978_cutoutCrop

Megan Cornell wants to bring a health hub to the riding -probably  located in the area of Kanata Centrum. Some of the services would feed in to the Almonte hospital.She feels that mental health, in particular, is underserved in this riding. She would include in the health hub a seniors' diagnostic centre  where seniors would have a one stop shop for a variety of experts and tests, the results of which they could then take to their family doctors.

Megan would also bring in managers who would manage a patient's progress through the health system and she sees the Almonte hospital as playing an intermediary role supporting patients discharged from Ottawa hospitals or who have been treated there so that they can have assistance closer to home.

 Megan also believes that elements of a community like housing are really a health issue."Everything is done in silos now" she stated, "but in fact all elements of the system are connected". She sees a spreading movement to look at the whole person. Megan is starting to see a difference with more locally located services and involvement which are easier for residents to access and which respond more appropriately to local needs.

While she does not believe in micromanaging school boards, Megan has identified school  overcrowding in Kanata and believes that an MPP should be a watchdog on behalf of constituents to monitor how funds are spent. In rural areas, the MPP should be advocating for neighbourhood schools and express concern about travel time to and from schools.

The MPP needs to be be interested and focused on business development. There are many provincial programs available and the community needs the truly active intercession of an MPP to help identify those that will benefit the community. Megan intends to help business development. She believes that Almonte is thriving and wants to encourage businesses that are local. Could there be a tech centre, she queries?  She believes that an MPP's job is to make the connections between businesses and individuals that result in successful projects.  

Although the riding is huge, Megan does not believe that there is a true urban/rural split. All of the problems are universal" she stated " access to local health care, access to public education and access to affordable housing are all local but universal  issues".




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