1.  The famous white flower garden at Sissinghurst Castle was created so that Ms Sackville West’s sons could find their way to their quarters at night across the gloomy courtyard of the castle.

2. There are 8 bells aboard a ship to count off the hours because the sailors’ duty watches were four hours long.  The first bell is rung at 30 minutes after midnight, and the second at 1 a.m. and so on until 4 a.m. – 8 bells.  These were repeated every four hours until the next midnight.  In the past, it was the cook or his staff who rang the bell.

3.  The Beaufort Scale measures wind speed.

4.  Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp, was a nurse during the Crimean War.  After she returned home to England, she lived in London in Mayfair. There is a blue plaque on her South Street residence, just across the street and down two from a house with a blue plaque inscribed, in part, with the words: ‘‘..here lived Skittles, the last Victorian courtesan” at a time when Nightingale was her neighbour.

5. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun.