1.  DERP means ”a reply to stupid comment or action” in this computer age.
2.  King George the First of England took in a so-called feral child named Peter when he was in Germany. Peter was taken to live at court in England and later escaped, but was rescued from a burning building years later. Adopted by a farmer named Brill, he lived happily ever after.

3.  An anabaptist is “one who baptizes again”.  Anabaptists thought that children could not truly have a religious faith, and thus rejected their infant Catholic baptism and were rebaptized as adults.
4. Bamboo is a giant perennial grass and is the fastest growing woody plant in the world, often increasing 2 or 3 feet in a day.
5. Yarg is a Cheese from Cornwall, wrapped in nettles, and was named the Best English Cheese at the International Cheese Show in 2012