Saturday, May 21, 2022


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Laurie Ladouceur — obituary

Ladouceur, Laurie (Known for her home-cooked meals and for...

Amonte United seeks volunteer to record services

Almonte United Church is searching for someone...
Arts & CultureBah, humbug!!  David Frisch plays Scrooge!!

Bah, humbug!!  David Frisch plays Scrooge!!

Supported by a cast of 48 puppets and 2 other live actors, David Frisch takes on the role of Scrooge in the upcoming Puppets Up! fundraiser, “A Mississippi Mills Christmas Carol” at the Almonte Old Town Hall on December 16 & 17.


David Frisch is an actor who divides his time between Toronto and Almonte, where he lives with his wife, the massage therapist Kim Narraway.  Through his company, Same Day Theatre, he has produced and acted in four plays at Ottawa’s Gladstone Theatre in the last four years: In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play; Ethan Claymore; Art; and The End of Civilization.  Last summer, he made his Puppets Up! debut when he and Catherine Clark appeared as Vern and Dot Cooper, conventioneers from Pisgah, Alabama.  Vern and Dot will be returning to  Puppets Up! in 2017.





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