Mayor Shaun McLaughlin, Councillors of Mississippi Mills and the staff of Public Works,

On behalf of the Dunn and Cameron families. I wish to thank you for honouring the memory of my husband, Bernard Cameron, with the installation of a fountain next to the Riverwalk. The idea of having a fountain in Almonte was Bernard’s idea for many years. He felt that it would be an attraction to an already beautiful town, that it would welcome tourists and commerce to the area and that it would be a place to bind our community together in pride.

Every day, I see people on the Riverwalk, taking pictures and stopping to enjoy the scenes of nature around them. Residents of Mississippi Mills, please extend your thanks and appreciation to a council of dedicated people who made Bernard’s wish come true … and to the little blonde girl in the sundress who was skipping along the Riverwalk looking to the riverside, then turned, caught sight of the fountain, immediately stopped, spread her arms wide and exclaimed “WOW!” in a loud voice, thank you — Bernard would have loved your reaction.

Catherine Cameron and family