A reader sends us this worrisome note:


WARNING!  Thieves at work at Mill of Kintail.

Recently, on a sunny winter’s day,  we went for a lovely hike at the Mill of Kintail. When we returned to the parking lot, we were shocked to find our rear car window smashed and my wife’s purse missing. Unfortunately, the purse had been left during our hike on the back seat floor.  Apparently, there is a sign posted in the parking lot area warning people not to leave valuables in their car. We are now paying the price in terms of cost to repair the damage to our car, cancelling credit cards, getting a new driver’s license and OHIP card, and replacing other items in the stolen purse.

Who would have thought that an idyllic spot like the Mill of Kintail would attract dishonest and cruel people? Let this be a cautionary tale for people who simply want to enjoy our lovely trails and get some healthy outdoor exercise.