Thursday, August 18, 2022
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It’s a flood — of submissions, that is

This happens occasionally: apparently, everyone who has...

Garage sale in Pakenham, August 20

Garage Sale. Sat Aug 20. 8 am...

Puppets Up / Almonte Civitan Club 50-50 draw a great success

The end of a fine weekend! Drawing...
Arts & CultureColeman Island plaque honours Desi Giles

Coleman Island plaque honours Desi Giles

The MVTM was enthralled to be able to interview life-long Coleman Island resident Desmond “Desi” Giles on July 26, 2021. He was able to recount much of the history of the island during his life, including expanding upon how mill owners and workers interacted, daily happenings of the mill, town, and island and what it was like growing up on the island and watching the town change from a farming and mill town into the town it is today.

The “Graham/Rosamond Park” historical plaque was installed on July 20, 2022, by Paul LaForce and is dedicated in Desi’s honour. Desi & MVTM Curator posed with the newly installed exhibit panel on July 21, 2022. In December of this year, Desi turns 95.




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