Complete Streets bicycle ridersI note that 20 years is the time horizon for the forthcoming Comprehensive Transportation Master Plan of the Town of Mississippi Mills.  (See “Notice of Project Initiation” on the Town’s Web site.)
One must hope, therefore, that the rising cost of gasoline over the next 20 years will be addressed by the Comprehensive Plan – anticipating that the price per litre will possibly soar to $3, $5, $10 or more.
The transportation cost for people to travel from Ottawa to Mississippi Mills will consequently skyrocket – with profound impact on the economy of the Town.
Currently, travelers from Ottawa to Mississippi Mills inject very sizable revenues into the Town’s economy – in a multitude of ways. So, as the trip from Ottawa becomes increasingly costly, one can anticipate those travelers will hit a threshold and then fewer and fewer of them will feel they can afford to make the trip here.  When that happens, how will the Town sustain itself?
I submit that this is the fundamental transportation problem facing the Town (the elephant in the room, if you like).  Addressing this problem is going to require best minds – inside and outside the community – continually to be applied, energetically and creatively.  No single consulting study could conceivably suffice.
One cannot expect panaceas.  (Bicycle transportation, while laudable, is but a small component of a comprehensive strategy, considering our winters.)  It seems there is little choice but boldly to tackle this impending transportation problem.  It isn’t going to go away!
Michael Caughey