Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Letters to the EditorEcologist writes on Wild Parsnip spraying

Ecologist writes on Wild Parsnip spraying

There is a central troubling issue behind the wild parsnip spray proposal for Lanark County.

The promoters of the spraying plan seem unaware that spraying toxic pesticides is part of the continuing incremental toxification of our local, regional and global environment.  The sheer scale of a multiplicity of toxic chemicals being added to our planet’s environment is slowly making the atmosphere, waters, and lands ever more inhospitable to more and more species of animals and plants.  We are witnessing the continuing losses of pollinating bees, butterflies, swallows, thrushes, and hundreds of affected insect species which are essential parts of nature’s many food chains.  Around the world and here in Lanark County biodiversity is being weakened and gradually diminished.

The proposed spray program should be stopped.  Every additional bit of poison is adding to the whole and is reducing the health of the environment in which we all live. How can humans benefit from this spreading toxification? They can’t.  I strongly urge council to reconsider spraying road sides in light of the many negative impacts.

Ted Mosquin, Ecologist
Balderson, ON




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