Saturday, December 3, 2022
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EnerduCouncil defers Enerdu's request for noise bylaw exemption

Council defers Enerdu’s request for noise bylaw exemption

by Edith Cody-Rice 

Mississippi Mills Council deferred Enerdu’s request for an exemption from the Mississippi Mills noise bylaw.In a two page letter, Project Manager Ron Campbell outlined the request stating that a breach of the stoplogs which resulted in flooding of the power house excavation site had resulted in a critical situation. Enerdu requested an exemption for the rest of the winter and spring of 2017. In fact, Enerdu has been breaching the noise bylaw for the last ten days or so, working at the site of the project until 11 p.m. Enerdu asked council to permit work on the project site from 7am to 11 pm Monday to Saturday.

The matter came before council without going before the Committee of the Whole, where comments from concerned citizens would have been accepted. Although they were not allowed to comment this evening, several affected residents watched the council chamber proceedings. No one from Enerdu attended to explain or defend the request.

Councillor Jane Torrance noted that Enerdu had not conducted proper consultation or discussion with affected neighbours and that consultation was extremely important. Councillor Duncan Abbott expressed concern that no one from Enerdu was present and noted that the immediate crisis had now passed.

After an animated discussion, council voted to require Enerdu to hold a meeting with affected residents and to provide to council satisfactory proof that residents had been meaningfully consulted and that a majority of residents attendant at the meeting had agreed to a compromise. Council made it clear that the final decision devolved upon council itself and agreed to hold a special council meeting to expedite this matter.




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