Madam Premier, Mr. Minister, it seems unlikely that word of the proposed development of a large hydroelectric dam in downtown Almonte has reached your desks, however I would like to register my opposition to this project.
You can learn more about this project at, and by reviewing articles at
This project threatens the core of Almonte / Mississippi Mills.  A recent development of another hydroelectric project in Almonte (just a few hundred metres downstream of the proposed development) permanently erased a beautiful part of our town, and the proposed development will have even wider effects.
The falls and river through the centre of Almonte are a key tourist attraction, and the proposed development could destroy everything that tourists are coming for.  Local businesses would be permanently affected by the expanded power plant, not to mention by the construction process.
Please look into this issue.  Hydroelectric projects have their place but that place is not in the heritage centre of small communities.  This project should not be approved.
Thank you for your time.

Geoff Baskwill

Almonte, Ontario