I direct this to the present board in regard to the op ed pieces being distributed:

Enough of this nonsense! 

You can say anything you like; you can put whatever spin on the information you want; you can try to cover up your actions however you can.  The truth of the matter is that all your “communications” are overblown and inaccurate.  You could be a writer for Trump, the way you use superlatives to describe everything. You cannot continue to “govern” as you have been doing and have any hope of appeasing the general membership of our esteemed organization.

Our organization has always had a communications policy, although perhaps not formulated in the by-laws. It was called common sense!  We had a message book, minutes published monthly for our members to read, open invitation for anyone to attend a meeting, a phone tree, an email list, all of which our members could access at any time. We talked to one another, we had coffee when needed, we met in the library, we had hash in/hash out sessions.  If that wasn’t communication, I don’t know what you call it. All this public writing is so much fluff, nothing of substance.

The whole of your board  combined lacks the  experience that even two or three of the committee has with the original intent of the Hub.  I find it embarrassing in the extreme that you are treating your members with such deference. Choosing to air your dirty laundry in public on the Millstone and on the Hub website (a vehicle for your own agenda),  detracts from the business at hand, which SHOULD be contributing to our community instead of squabbling over positions that do not have a pay cheque attached to them.

If you were in any way mature, you would resign en masse immediately. Obviously, your contributions are no longer appreciated or needed. Allow those who want the positions to get on with the business of running our organization. Step back for the good of the Hub and for yourselves.  Go out on a positive note, and put whatever spin on your resignation you can muster.

Glenda Jones
Long-time member of the Hub and store volunteer
Past President
Past Secretary
Founder of Hub Hospice