Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Arts & CultureLearning in Almonte is closing the door

Learning in Almonte is closing the door

After careful consideration, the organizers of Learning in Almonte are turning out the lights in our classroom. Various circumstances besides the pandemic have made it difficult to continue.

When Don Wiles conceived this programme in 2008, little did he know the wide range of topics it would attract. For eleven years, these lectures have entertained and educated nearly 1000 participants in courses ranging from astrophysics to the history of horses. Professors from every discipline have shared her expertise with a lively group of mostly seniors eager to learn and question.  What more could anyone ask that sit through an engaging lecture, and not have to write a term paper?!

However, mitigating events have intervened. Claire ApSimon, one of the three original organizers, died in March 2020, and since then, other situations have arisen, making a return to our lectures impossible. We don’t know the status of the library accommodation; we couldn’t establish a schedule or venue; and finding lecturers to commit to all the uncertainty has proved more than challenging.

Perhaps in the future there will be the impetus to review our decision, but for the foreseeable future, we will not be hosting our very popular lectures series.

We are extremely grateful for our community’s constant interest in our programming. Further, we were able to donate money  to many local cultural causes, all of which have acknowledged the contributions.

Should anyone decide they would like to turn the lights back on, please contact us and we will be happy to share the information to restart the programme. In the meantime, the monthly Almonte Lectures series is ably filling the gap for Learning in Almonte. (See : )

With our thanks for your dedication,

Marny McCook, Glenda Jones, and Mel Turner.




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